ACS Leadership Development Workshop

Building Skills, Creating Leaders
“Involving Volunteers” Pilot

Thursday May 17, 2007, ACS MARM 2007

8:00 a.m. – Noon


All participants will receive the workshop materials and will be provided with a continental-style breakfast and beverages during the break.


Program Contents

The emphasis in this program is on engaging a volunteer in a way that makes the assignment successful and professionally rewarding, so that the volunteer will be inclined to engage in future and more ambitious assignments.


The content for this program will include:

  • Scoping responsibilities.
  • Recruiting the right volunteers.
  • Promoting a satisfying experience.
  • Fostering long-term commitment.

Instructional Objectives

Competencies Addressed

This program is on the “Emerging Leaders” track of the ACS Leadership Development Module ( and addresses competencies, under the four main headings of Asking Others to Step Up, Delegating/Sharing Responsibilities, Keeping Projects Moving Forward, and Involving Others, including (but not limited to):


Meet the workshop leaders:

Maureen Gillen Chan has been an active volunteer in the American Chemical Society for over thirty years.  A member of the North Jersey Section, she serves on the Executive Committee and has represented the Section in the ACS Council for many years. Maureen has held several offices in the Section and is presently co-coordinator of the Metro Women Chemists Committee and co-chair of the Government Affairs Committee.   She began her activities nationally as a member of the Women Chemists Committee which she eventually headed.  She went on to membership in several Elected and Board Committees of the Council and was a member of the ACS Board of Directors for six years.  Currently she is on the Budget and Finance Committee and the Council Committee on Public Affairs and is a consultant to the Landmarks Committee.  She is also active with the Implementation Team of the Board Oversight Group on Leadership Development.

Maureen has a BS degree from Chestnut Hill College and a MS from Stevens Institute of Technology.  She spent her career at AT&T Bell Laboratories (now Lucent Technologies) where she did research on the degradation and stabilization of polymers relevant to telecommunications and retired as the Technical Manager of the Polymer Chemistry Advanced Materials and Stabilization Group.  Throughout her career, she was a member of many Laboratory committees and also worked on civic and church activities.  


Larry Krannich is Professor Emeritus of Chemistry at the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he served as Department Chair for 27 years and facilitated the development of the department through strategic planning initiatives.  Since retiring, he has served as Interim Director of the UAB Center for Community Outreach Development, continues as the Executive Director of the Alabama Academy of Science, and maintains a very active involvement in ACS initiatives.  Throughout his career, his research emphasized the chemistry of Group 13/15 systems with a focus on synthesis and utilization of multinuclear NMR to elucidate reaction pathways and molecular structures of these systems. He maintained a strong emphasis on the development of a high quality undergraduate chemistry program at UAB and creation of outreach programs for Alabama science teachers.  Outreach programs have varied from developing laboratory workshops for high school teachers to the operation of laboratory activity-based, in-service programs to the initiation of an NSF GK-12 program that synergistically involved graduate and undergraduate science students and K-12 science teachers in enhancing science education in local school systems.  Larry has been an active ACS member since 1964 and involved in governance at the local section, regional, and national levels.  ACS national service has encompassed the Committee on Local Section Activities (1994-2001), Committee on Membership Affairs (2002-2004), Committee on Committees (2005-2007), Board Presidential Task Force on Bylaw Changes for Local Section and Division Support (2001-2002), and Chair of the Governance Review Action Team on Division Additional Support Needs (2007).  He currently chairs the Leadership Skills Implementation Working Group for the ACS Leadership Development System that designed the system framework and oversees the development of the learning assets.  For relaxation, Larry enjoys outdoor activities that have taken him on hiking, camping, and cycling adventure trips throughout the US and elsewhere in the world. 


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in you sails. Explore. Dream. Discover." Mark Twain