Division of Chemical Health & Safety (DCHS)

Three Workshops at MARM

I.  Laboratory Waste Management 2007

Wednesday, May 16

1:50 PM 4:50PM

Presented by Mr. Russell Phifer

Abstract:  This course will identify the various regulatory requirements that apply to laboratories that generate hazardous waste and provide insight into the options for on-site management and off-site disposal. Focus will include discussion on waste management systems, recycling & reclamation techniques, economical handling of wastes, and liability issues. We will address the new proposed RCRA and Academic Laboratory regulations and what they might mean to your facility! Learn all the tricks that disposers use to increase their profit and use them to increase your savings. Mr. Phifer has over 25 years experience in managing laboratory wastes for academic and industrial laboratories and is a member and past chair of both DivCHAS and the ACS Task Force on Environmental Health & Safety.

II.  How To Be A More Effective Chemical Hygiene Officer

Tuesday, May 15

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Presented by Mr. Russell Phifer

Abstract:  Take a close look at the Chemical Hygiene Officer position, and prepare at the same time for the NRCC -CHO Certification exam to be held the next day. The course will give a different slant to safety issues in the laboratory, focusing on what you do and how you can do it better. The presenter brings a wide variety of experience to the table, but the real stars of the workshop are you past attendees note the interactive approach focusing on their problems, from getting administrators involve in safety to dealing with regulatory concerns. The course covers all of the content areas of the certification exam, including a sample test in the same format as the real one. Whether you are a new Chemical Hygiene Officer or an old one, you will find something to put to real use in this fast-paced presentation. (NOTE: you must apply in advance to the NRCC to take the certification exam and obtain the certification. Information is available from www.nrcc6.org.)

III.  OSHA Inspections & Audits for Laboratory Facilities

(No Charge, but you must register in advance)

Wednesday, May 16

9:00AM Noon

Presented by Mr. Russell Phifer

Abstract:  Inspections and audits are designed to assure a healthy, safe, and code-compliant environment in which to work and/or teach. Learn the difference between an inspection and an audit and the importance of each. There are significant civil and/or criminal penalties for non-compliance with regulations; it is important for all laboratory facilities to periodically verify their compliance status. This workshop will cover the basic procedures for establishing responsibilities, emergency preparedness, employee awareness, identification/control/monitoring of potential hazards, recordkeeping, rules, and training associated with OSHA compliance.