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Who We Are

The Middle Atlantic Region (MARM) of the American Chemical Society consist of the 14 local ACS sections in the Middle-Atlantic Region of the United States. Events within the region include the annual MARM conferences, each of which is organized and run by a local section, with oversight by members of the regional board, and one or two liaisons from ACS.


The MARM Board

The MARM Board serves as the governing body for the Middle Atlantic Region of the American Chemical Society to encourage cooperation among the members of the Local Sections for the advancement of science and related regional activities. The principal duties of the Board are to enroll local sections to sponsor regional meetings on a rotational basis, and to approve the locations and times of the meetings (collectively known as MARM). Each local section in the region has a representative on the Board, which also includes representatives of the organizing committees of the current, upcoming, and immediate past Regional Meetings. The MARM Executive Committee consists of four Board officers plus the Chairs of the immediate past, current, and upcoming MARM Operating Committees.

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Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting (MARM) Local Sections


Most Recent MARM

MARM 2023

The New York ACS Section along with its partners at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY) and St. John’s University proudly presented the 2023 Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting on June 9-10, 2023.  This mini-MARM had the theme of 'Chemistry Refocused' and included technical sessions, poster sessions, an exposition, employment programming including a resume review workshop, a graduate study fair, a social media social, a Women's Chemists Committee workshop on Promotion to Full Professor, a 50/60/70-year member luncheon, and an awards banquet.